Y5-7 Talking & Listening

Survival on a Desert Island

Y5-7 had to imagine they were stranded on a desert island. In groups, they conducted thought showers to determine 6 essential items for their groups’ survival; then, they ranked these items in importance.  Lastly, before an audience of peers, each group had to describe their chosen 6 items for survival and explain how they were essential.

Young Apprentice


In designated groups, as young apprentices, pupils had to collaborate on product design and brand name.  They conducted product research, conducting questionnaires regarding the most popular aspects of their chosen products, i.e. preferred flavourings, toppings, etc. Then, they created PowerPoint presentations to promote their products and pitched them to their peers.  Finally, they made the yummy products and conducted a taster event, using persuasive language to advertise their products to pupils and teachers.

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