Remote Learning 2020: Technology: Google Classroom

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Orienting Images Correctly
If possible please try to submit images of student work the right way up!
You can check by clicking on the image before turning in the assignment

This is the preferred orientation
2020-05-25 20.54.22_2

Or this (classroom has a zoom – but not a rotate)
2020-05-25 20.54.33_2

Try ensuring the top of the phone is higher than the bottom – this will ensure the orientation sensor on the phone thinks the phone is the right way up
Like this
2020-05-25 20.55.15_2

Not like this
2020-05-25 20.55.12_2

Audio File Not Playing
If you are trying to play audio on a computer and get this error:

Clicking on the three dots in the top right
Open in new window

If that does not work then click to the download icon – the middle of these three

If you encounter any problems at all – please let MrCormick know the class and the assignment.

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