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Fire Safety Visit

On Wednesday 2nd February P5-7 pupils had a visit from a local Fire and Rescue Officer. The pupils were introduced to the ‘Safety Team’, a scheme which highlights various hazards which children need to be aware of, such as, fires caused by electricity, matches and candles as well as the problems caused by hoax calls and deliberate fires.

The pupils enjoyed taking part in activities to show the importance of having a working smoke alarm and being able to find their way out of the room if they were blinded by smoke.   During his talk the officer’s ‘beeper’ went off to tell him there was an incident.   One of the pupil’s Dads is a fireman and the next day she was able to show the class the information sheet he received which told them about a local fire.  The pupils enjoyed listening to the fireman relating real life experiences and are now more aware of the dangers they need to look out for.

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