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Teddy Bears’ Sleepover

The teddies of our Year 1-4 pupils had a Sleepover in the classroom on Tuesday night.  While the pupils were at home, their teddies were climbing on top of the bookshelves, sitting beside each other to read, etc.  They even got into lots of mischief – even sneaking biscuits out of the staff’s jar for a midnight feast!  We think they slept. . . eventually!  However, by the time began on Wednesday morning, they were playing a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ and pupils had to find their teddies, who were in lots of different positions.

Teddy Tower

Midnight Feast!

Reading by torch



Teddies sleep. . . finally!


This activity was to reinforce positional words – on top, over, under, beside, between, etc – linked to Year 1’s reading book.

Our Craft Teddy Bears

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