War Veteran Visits MICS

Wednesday, November 10th saw the visit of War Veteran Tommy Todd to Mourne ICS. The 94-year old spoke vividly of his experiences in Malta during World War II. He told staff and pupils of his enrolment in the army and how he became an air gunner with a bomber squadron in 1942. With a mix of humour, warmth and sadness in his speech, it was impossible not to be captivated by him. Just one day before we remembered the fallen men of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, he gave us an accurate memoir of what it was like for him.

When asked what was his favourite part of the war, he answered; “Well… I would say getting home was the best part.” Still going strong 65 years after the second world war, Mr Todd was an inspiration to all those in his audience!

Also present was Schomberg Society member Gareth Crozier who described fully the role of the Submarine Spitfire aircraft during the Battle of Britain. Both of these speakers were greatly enjoyed by everyone at Mourne Independent Christian School.

Cameron Sharp – Yr 10

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