A New Addition to Year 1-4!

Foundation Stage pupils with Charlie Bear

During the summer, a member of staff, Mrs Jean McConnell, kindly purchased a teddy for Year 1-4 pupils.  She knitted him a school jumper, complete with badge, so that he would feel part of our school.  Charlie Bear went home with a different pupil each weekend, so in ‘Talking and Listening’ class, the pupils could retell his weekend adventures.

Charlie Bear Retell

Wall display of Charlie Bear's adventures

Wall display of Charlie Bear’s adventures

Then, we created a wall display of Charlie Bear’s adventures.  Pupils wrote postcards about Charlie Bear’s weekend from his perspective.  We printed photographs of all his activities – driving a rally car and a tractor, attending a wedding and a Frozen orchestral concert, meeting family members, baking buns, building with Lego, playing in the park, feeding Christmas turkeys, and lots more!

Thank you to everyone who welcomed Charlie into their homes and spoiled him with TLC!

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